Gender Male
Age 4 1/2
Species Mouse
Occupation Adventurer
Relatives Tnee (brother)
Introduced In "The Little Babies"
Voiced by TBA
BB is one of the main characters in USG and ESB Adventures.


BB is a small gray mouse. He has no arms or legs, but a happy face and a pink tail. His mouth is always open and grinning, and he is a bit larger than his brother Tnee. 


BB and Tnee are young mice who have extremely high and squeaky voices and often cause mischief and get into trouble, although they mean well. They are often found on top of each other, and argue frequently. BB is larger, but Tnee is more mature, and they both have extendable tails. 


  • BB was introduced in 5th grade. 
  • BB, along with USG, ESB, HatBoy, Sam, and his brother, are the only characters to appear in all four sagas.