Eddie the Yeti
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Species Yeti
Occupation Guardian of the Pony of Power
Relatives Unknown
Introduced In "The Lair of Eddie Yeti"
Voiced by TBA
Edwin "Eddie" T. Yeti is a character in The Lost Saga.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Eddie is a gigantic fluffy creature. He looks more like a large polar bear than a yeti, with a gigantic nose, dotted eyes, and a smiling face. He is completely white, and so large that all of the squares, hats, and mice can fit on his head, although he can shrink at will. His "happy face" he uses to make friends resembles a Trollface with a mustache. 

Although intimidating, Eddie is really nice. None of the scary legends about him are true, and he is on the squares' side. He is the guardian of the Pony of Power, which he will give if you become his good friend. 


  • Eddie is my favorite new character in the Lost Saga.