Gender Male
Age Unknown
Species Talking Hat
Occupation Adventurer
Relatives Marshall (brother), unnamed mother
Introduced In "USG and ESB"
Voiced by TBA
HatBoy is a talking hat and one of the main characters in USG and ESB Adventures.


HatBoy is a long, cone-shaped, fuzzy hat who is olive green in color with blue tassels and a blue lining on his bottom. He has no eyes or nose, and just a mouth. He works like a normal hat, often perching on people's heads.


HatBoy was introduced in the first episode when he helped ESB find somewhere to eat. He is nice and fun-loving, and often hangs out with ESB. He is the squares' main sidekick, helping them out in almost all of his quests. He also has a crush on Tammi, the princess Hat.


  • HatBoy was introduced in 5th grade.
  • HatBoy, along with USG, ESB, Sam, and the mice, are the only characters to appear in all four sagas.