Season 1 (2009)Edit

  1. "Meet the Little Kid" - A wacky, bratty 3-year-old causes mischief with his secretive older brother, Canadian half-brother, and illiterate, prepubescent father.
  2. "Pwip Goes to the Movies" - The Pwippersons go see a romance film on the big screen, but encounter trouble in the obnoxious ticket clerk and the vengeful janitorial staff.
  3. "Pwip vs. the Babysitter" - Dad leaves for the night and places Pwip, Stone, and No-Name under the guidance of a cynical teenage girl.
  4. "Poker Buddy, or Stone Goes to Woodamar" - With Pwip out of the picture, Dad attempts to branch out by playing poker with locals and Stone and No-Name attend a sweatshop-like camp run by a dwarf named Beana.
  5. "Pwip Invites His Friend Over" - Pwip has a playdate with a new friend - Jeremy, a Mohawked, cocaine-addicted 1-year-old.
  6. "Jeremy Throws a Fit" - While on another playdate, Pwip and Jeremy get into a scuffle.
  7. "Pwip Meets Obama" - After narrowly escaping a Neanderthal, the Pwippersons and Ferocious Olive go on a vacation to Washington, D.C. and Pwip meets the President himself. 
  8. "Pwip Says Goodbye" - Pwip realizes it's his final skit and gets upset, so the rest of the gang tries to cheer him up.

Season 2 (2010)Edit

  1. "Stone and No-Name Assist the Elderly" - Stone and No-Name are forced to look after their new neighbor, a senile old woman named Mrs. Bouvier, with the help of her hapless butler Charles.
  2. "Beana's Back" - While Mrs. Bouvier is visiting and Dad is at an undisclosed location, Beana returns and locks Stone and No-Name in the closet, and only Ferocious Olive and Brothy can save them.
  3. "Poker Buddy Returns, or Stone Goes to Juvie" - During a heat wave, Dad plays poker with Neddy and FPB, while Stone and No-Name go to a boot camp run by Beana's psychotic relative Milford.
  4. "An Allegory Containing Super Jario" - Stone, No-Name, and Dad camp out in front of GameHut the night before a video game is released, but the game gets banned.
  5. "The Great Canada Trip" - Stone takes the family to Canada for a week and they get into all sorts of mayhem, including abusing horses, reuniting with long-lost relatives, and flinging Canadian bacon at Dad. 
  6. "3rd Time's a Poker Buddy, or Stone Goes to Lock-Picking Camp" - No-Name finds himself doing chores for Dad and his poker buddies and runs into Beana, while Stone goes to Picky Steve's Lock-Picking Camp.
  7. "Happy Birthday No-Name" - Neddy, FPB, Dad, Charles, Jeremy, Ferocious Olive, and Beana make No-Name's birthday horrible. Elsewhere, Stone goes to Magical Steve's Magic Camp.
  8. "Stone and No-Name Go to an Amusement Park" - Mrs. Bouvier and Charles take the family (and Rock) to an amusement park, where Mrs. Bouvier rides her first rollercoaster and No-Name takes home a "stuffed animal."
  9. "Bunna!" - No-Name finds a "rabbit" and takes care of it with the help of Neddy, FPB, Mrs. Bouvier, and Charles; Dad goes to an "office party;" Stone and Rock go to yet another Steve camp.
  10. "The Returnage of Pwip" - The gang hunts for Pwip in the Arctic, and at home, Dad organizes a welcome home party where FPB gets spooked by a ghost story and Beana tries to kill No-Name... again.
  11. "Pwip Goes to Preschool" - Pwip and Jeremy wreak havoc at preschool and Pwip becomes arch-enemies with an even brattier kid; Dad plays poker with Neddy and FPB, who is still recovering from the ghost story.
  12. "No-Name and the Pwippycats" - Pwip and the gang form a band for a Battle of the Bands competition, judged by Beana and her cronies in disguise.
  13. "Pwip Becomes Marshmallow Boy: Part 1" - Pwip is picked to star in a commercial playing a marshmallow mascot, but lets the fame go to his head. Elsewhere, No-Name goes to a spa.
  14. "Pwip Becomes Marshmallow Boy: Part 2" - Pwip adopts a new upper-class persona after starring as Marshmallow Boy; Dad is stalked by a mime; No-Name has one last battle with Beana.
  15. "The End of Pwip... But Not Our Skits: Part 1" - Pwip goes into a coma once he sprains his buttocks, and the gang must go into his mind to save him. 
  16. "The End of Pwip... But Not Our Skits: Part 2" - No-Name and the gang go into Pwip's mind to try and defeat a mysterious enemy; Dad, not wanting to work, sits at home and watches TV.
  17. "Pwip's Early Years" - Video clips of No-Name's adoption, Pwip's birth, Pwip's first encounter with Jeremy, and more are shown. 
  18. "Pwip Goes to the Dentist" [UNRELEASED] - Pwip and Jeremy go to the dentist, where Pwip's dental hygienist is an attractive teenager and Jeremy's is Mrs. Bouvier. Meanwhile at home, Dad tries to learn how to read. 

Reunion Special (2018)Edit

  1. "The Pwippersons Go to Space" - Stone and No-Name, while looking after Mrs. Bouvier and Charles, hijack a spaceship at the NASA headquarters and eventually get abducted by aliens, and only Beana can save the day.