Listen Up, Bad Guys!: Part II is the fifth episode in The Lost Saga.



USG, ESB and the gang wake up and see Chuck and Hoodums, questioning if they are alive. USG checks the bag and sees that they didn't take anything, but that the Condom of Coolness is mysteriously in their bag. They decide to leave before the two baddies wake up. They go outside and see a car, hop in, and drive out of the desert. 

Elsewhere, the shadowy blob has all of his henchmen. He tells them to listen up, and that they need to catch the squares and get the treasures since Chuck and Hoodums have gone missing. He sends Volcanik and Shoxorchu to hunt the squares down, and the two leave in a big car. 

ESB has crashed the car and it is now in a cactus, burning. They are forced to walk, which USG is not happy about. He complains about wanting his hat back, and it miraculously falls out of the sky onto his head. He feels better then, and BB says that the next treasure is at Mt. Jizzinmypants. They hear a rumbling noise, and Volcanik comes out riding on Shoxorchu, who is now gigantic. They begin to chase the squares, who run away and try calling Alien but to no avail. A hooded figure stops them, and he is revealed to be Sam G. O'Metric, who is back. They reunite, and ride on him to get away. 

Volcanik and Shoxorchu bemoan the squares' escape, but Volcanik takes out the remaining three treasures, to Shoxorchu's shock. He asks where the Pony of Power is, and Volcanik says it is guarded by a big, scary monster, which he is not getting into. Williams comes out and escapes with the two antagonists. 


"Chips ASquare!" - Ben Franklin's food of choice. (Also available, Chik'n Squarez)