Sam G. O'Metric
Gender Male
Age 48
Species Human
Occupation Adventurer
Relatives Unknown
Introduced In "HatBoy's Story"
Voiced by TBA
Samuel G. O'Metric is one of the main characters in USG and ESB Adventures.


Sam is a strange looking human. His head is peach colored, while he has purple eyelids and a large mouth with buck teeth. His body is not connected to his head, therefore he has no neck. He has no hands either, just little yellow squiggles that aren't connected to his arms. His legs are nonexistent, he just has red feet. His shirt is blue with red sleeves, and a yellow lightning bolt. 


Sam was introduced in the episode where HatBoy was trapped in the dungeon. He is HatBoy's childhood friend who he hung out with, and he is very old now and sage-like. He follows the squares on quests and gives them helpful advice. 


  • Sam was introduced in 5th grade. He was originally fatter and older, and a one-time character. 
  • Sam, along with USG, ESB, HatBoy, and the mice, are the only characters to appear in all four sagas.