The Seven Treasures are objects in The Lost Saga. Anyone who gets them becomes extremely powerful, almost to the point of godly, and they are a main plot point in the story.

Treasures, Locations and GuardiansEdit

This is a list of the seven (actually eight) treasures, where they are located, and who guards the treasures.

  1. Nugget of Destiny - Lost Island - N/A
  2. TV Remote of Wonder - Chunk Volcano - Volcanik
  3. Condom of Coolness - Doomy Desert - Lord Khan/Chuck and Hoodums
  4. Pony of Power - Mt. Jizzinmypants - Eddie the Yeti
  5. Mike of Awesomesauce - Forest of Rain - Chunky Monkey
  6. Burger of Burgers - Clowd Town - Cloudus
  7. Spear of Life - Shitty City - Unknown
  8. Eye of Square - Myxlypxyrk - King Cranicus