SquareBoy's Super Smash-Up 666: Squarepocalypse Now! is the sixth and final video game in the SquareBoy's Super Smash-Up series, released in the spring of 2017 for the New Nintendo 3DS, the Wuu!, the Ouya, and the Nintendo Switch, as well as the Mac, PC, and Linux computer platforms. Although SquareBoy's Super Smash-Up 5: The Final Smashdown was originally planned to be the final installment in the series, developers Whothefuckcares Productions received "overwhelming demand" for a sixth video game due to then-recent real world events. Similar to all other installments in the series, Squarepocalypse Now! is rated AO - Adults Only - due to blood, disturbing imagery, graphic violence, liberal use of drugs and alcohol, colorful language, gratuitous nudity, and overtly sexual content.

Upon release, the game was acclaimed by leftist groups across the United States, but panned by 4chan users and members of the Republican Party, with current U.S. President Donald J. Trump going on an extensive Twitter rant about it.


For the past two and a half years, after marriage equality was brought to the entire country, SquareBoy has been chilling on a remote Pacific island, enjoying a nice tropical getaway and being completely disconnected from any and all current events and technology. However, once he returns home on January 21st, 2017, he is faced with quite the shock: reality star and noted emotionally unstable fascist Donald J. Trump has been elected President of the United States. Suddenly, George Bush isn't looking all that bad. SquareBoy immediately flies into a rage and calls up his trusty sidekick Alexandre Q. Beandot, who takes him on a nationwide tour from California to DC to stop Trump from unleashing his terror on the nation!


World 1 - CaliforniaEdit

Pleasant, sunny, liberal California is the first state SquareBoy stops by on his quest. In addition to some new surfing and underwater segments, much of this world resembles Greeny Greenhouse from games past, and SquareBoy travels from Los Angeles to the San Francisco Bay Area to Napa to... well, basically everywhere. The boss of this world is SquareBoy's original foe Hangcat, this time partnered with Ivanka Trump, who rides on Hangcat's back and lobs Nordstrom designer bags at SquareBoy. 

World 2 - OregonEdit

SquareBoy travels to rainy Oregon for the second world, and learns the ins and outs of how to manage a microbrewery, how to buy weed for the cheapest prices possible, and how to post proper aesthetic photos on Instagram. At one point, he accidentally consumes magic mushrooms while traversing the downtown of Portland and must navigate the city streets while tripping balls. The second half of the world features SquareBoy escaping Portland and heading to northern Oregon and Mount Hood, where he partakes in a showdown with the boss - Reeeechard Spencer, a neo-Nazi amphibian who SquareBoy must face in a battle suspiciously resembling "Punch-Out!!".