The Beginning is the first episode in The Lost Saga.



USG and ESB are at home, ESB is playing video games and USG is complaining. ESB says he misses the adventures, while USG disagrees, then storms off angrily. Someone begins to talk to ESB, and they are revealed to be Tony the Turban, who has been perched on ESB's head. He informs ESB that HatBoy and the others have been kidnapped by thugs, and taken to Lost Island, where the Nugget of Destiny is. The two go to Lost Island on a boat to rescue the hats and get the Nugget, but leave USG behind. 

Meanwhile, in space, a shadowy figure is plotting. He calls his henchman, a green bird named Williams, and asks if he got "them". Williams nods, and flies to Lost Island, while the creature calls him an idiot, to Williams' dismay. 

Tony and ESB arrive at Lost Island. They meet up with USG, who has already arrived, and gets angry since they ditched him. Neither of them have found the hats or mice, so they all leave to find them and the Nugget. Once they leave, Williams pops out of the ground and laughs evilly, saying it is all according to the plan. 


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