A spinoff of "MyMonsters" focused on everyone's favorite beer guzzler, Puny.


  1. "Towel Zombie" - Puny dons a disguise to scare Floppy.
  2. "Pumpkin" - Puny, Floppy, and Scot go to the pumpkin patch.
  3. "Punistuntimrantichestnuts" - Puny tries to figure out the meaning of a mysterious word.
  4. "Fat" - Puny eats too much junk food, then gains weight.
  5. "Xmas" - Puny must go to bed on Christmas Eve, but won't.
  6. "Turdy Kid" - Puny struggles with potty training.
  7. "Balls" - Puny plays dodgeball and gets pummeled with balls.
  8. "Futbol" - Puny joins a soccer league and is a bad sport.
  9. "Love Pocket" - Puny becomes addicted to an '80s one-hit wonder band.
  10. "Planet Battles" - Puny wants to see a movie, but is not old enough.
  11. "My New Tat" - Puny gets a tattoo, but it is not what he expected.
  12. "Test" - Puny studies all night for a huge exam.
  13. "Outta Bed" - Puny will not get out of bed, so Floppy must wake him up.
  14. "Pee" - Puny must hold his pee, and his bladder gets funky.
  15. "Poops" - Puny takes his feces to the beauty salon and gets it styled.
  16. "Super Jario" - Puny becomes addicted to a video game.
  17. "Moving Day" - Puny, Floppy, and Scot move to a new house.
  18. "Vinny Vulture" - Puny gets his lunch money stolen by a thug.
  19. "Lunch" - Puny and Floppy go out to get hamburgers.
  20. "Stuck" - Puny gets constipated right before a big date.
  21. "Bad Romance" - Puny's crush starts dating Scot, and Puny isn't pleased.
  22. "Cleanin'" - Puny is forced to clean his room.
  23. "Coffee" - Puny goes to Starbutts to get a latte.
  24. "Rat" - Puny gets a pet rat, but taking care of it proves to be hard.
  25. "Shoplift" - Puny wants to buy a CD, but has no money.
  26. "Fart" - Puny enters a farting competition with help from Toot.
  27. "Read" - Puny realizes he does not know how to read.
  28. "Insomnia" - Puny cannot fall asleep.
  29. "Autograph" - Puny must wait in line to get an autograph from his favorite actor.
  30. "The Internet Is For..." - Puny downloads massive amounts of porn.
  31. "Desert" - Puny and Floppy's plane breaks down.
  32. "Hangover" - Puny feels terrible after a wild night.
  33. "Weed" - Puny tries to obtain marijuana.
  34. "Clown" - Puny is terrorized by a clown.
  35. "Jacks" - Puny and Floppy have nothing to do on a rainy day.
  36. "Visitor" - A kitten takes up residence in Puny's house.
  37. "Don't Eat Ham" - Puny converts to Judaism.
  38. "Game" - Puny and Floppy go on a game show to try and win big.
  39. "Meme" - Puny attempts to create a viral video.
  40. "College" - Puny joins a fraternity in college.