The New Adventures was the second season of USG and ESB Adventures



USG, ESB and HatBoy are taking a vacation on a boat when they get mauled by killer computers. The boat sinks and HatBoy is sent underwater, ESB in the sky and USG on an island. 

Underwater, HatBoy meets a hat named Princess Hat whom he falls in love with, and has a date with her. ESB is on the barren planet of Myxlypxyrk, where he meets an alien and falls off the planet with his Wuu!. He meets up with HatBoy, and they go to USG Island. 

USG is living the good life on the island, listening to music and wearing Aéropostale. HatBoy and ESB meet up with him and insult him for his fashion choices. The next morning, they see BB and Tnee, the baby mice, who are forced to leave. ESB and HatBoy go into a forest to explore, and it begins to rain. 

The mice are in a forest. They argue with each other frequently and eat each other's food. They then get wet due to a pile of water, and begin to cry. 

Desperately trying to seek shelter, ESB and HatBoy hide out in a pyramid in the forest. They reminisce about MummyMan, who attacks them and chases them around the pyramid. They escape from him in a mysterious room, and accidentally summon MummyMan once again, but manage to successfully get away. 

Princess Hat, who is secretly evil, is yelling at her servant, Sam G. O'Metric. She hatches a plan to take over the world, but Sam calls her mother, who forces her to use the sweaty Hat Gang as her henchmen. 

ESB and HatBoy have run away from MummyMan, and get to the Hat Gang's camp, where the two disguise themselves but quickly get caught and put in jail. A large creature helps them escape, and they reunite with USG, who tells them a story about HatBoy's brother Marshall, and HatBoy's childhood. 

After the story, a dark figure comes out and reveals himself to be Da Wiz, back for revenge. USG and ESB create an army to defeat Da Wiz and Tammi, and then they have a large battle, with the good guys winning. ESB rents a beach, and they all have a party. 


  1. Attack of the Killer Computers
  2. Princess Hat
  3. Sky Wars
  4. USG Island
  5. The Babies... Again
  6. MummyMan Returns
  7. Princess Plan
  8. When Hats Attack!
  9. Fuzzy Warrior
  10. An Old Enemy's Revenge 
  11. The Final Battle
  12. ESB's Beach Bash