The Square Hotel is the fourth episode in The Lost Saga.



Alien XYZ drops the squares, HatBoy and the mice off at Doomy Desert, where the next treasure (The Condom of Coolness) is hidden. They then complain about being hot (to which USG replies, "No, you're fugly.") and then, mysteriously, a gigantic hotel appears. 

They enter the hotel, and ask the front desk guy to spend the night, who says it will be $1000, even though the sign said it was free. Even though HatBoy and USG protest, he ignores it and gives them their key. After they leave, the guy reveals to be Chuck and Hoodums on top of each other in a cloak. They talk about grabbing the treasures while the squares are asleep, and the shadowy blob appears, saying he has everything under control. 

The good guys are shown in their room, complaining about the hotel's quality. ESB is stuck in a folding bed, and USG angrily hoists him out. Once he is out, he seems dizzy, and goes to the refrigerator to get food, but instead, a billion golf balls come raining out into him, injuring him. An angry ESB then goes to bed, along with everyone else. While asleep, Chuck and Hoodums fall from the ceiling and start to dig through USG and ESB's bags. They find the map, and prepare to take it, but Lord Khan suddenly appears and forces them to drop it. Chuck hesitates but Hoodums drops it, and Khan kicks them, knocking them out. He then leaves the map and mysteriously disappears. 


An ad for the new USG and ESB video game for Wuu!.