Tony the Turban
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Species Talking Turban
Occupation Adventurer
Relatives Unknown
Introduced In "The Beginning"
Voiced by TBA
Tony is a talking turban and a main character in The Lost Saga.


Tony is an orange turban, the same color as ESB's old hat. He has an Italian handlebar mustache and a mouth resembling HatBoy's.  


Tony helped ESB find USG, HatBoy and the mice on Lost Island. He is ESB's new permanent hat, and perches on his head and gives him advice. He is cool and likes to fight baddies. 


  • Tony has an Italian accent. 
  • Tony replaces ESB's baseball cap as the main headgear for ESB. 
  • A turban similar to Tony was used on USG in the episodes "An Old Enemy's Revenge" and "The Final Battle".