Volcano of Chunks is the third episode in The Lost Saga.



USG, ESB and friends arrive at Chunk Volcano, the location of the TV Remote of Wonder. HatBoy realizems Tammi is missing, and she is shown being roasted over a pot by guys with tiki masks. While USG argues with HatBoy, Volcanik (another henchman of Virnax) emerges and begins to stalk them. They eventually see him, and he throws ESB up into space. He then leaves. 

USG questions why he appeared, and then they see Lord Khan behind HatBoy. HatBoy doubts it, and they try to warn him, and thankfully, ESB comes falling down from space and lands on Khan, knocking him out. ESB says he was hanging out with Alien XYZ, which excites the others. They then realize the volcano is erupting, and they flee, but USG's hat gets burnt in the process. 

Chuck and Hoodums come out of the lava, burnt. Chuck tells Hoodums that lava-swimming is not a fun sport, which Hoodums disagrees with. They try to get the TV Remote, but they are a tiny bit too late, as the squares and company manage to nab it. They then call Alien XYZ, who comes down in his UFO and gives them a ride away. The shadowy blob then comes out and calls Chuck and Hoodums fools. 


An ad for the "SquareWow!", which cleans up bird shit and is helpful even in emergencies.