WolduWarriors: Hooga Hijinks is an action-adventure/role-playing game and a spin-off of the WolduWarriors series, produced by Nintendo and developed for the Nintendo Switch in 2017. 

In this game, the Hooga Hoogas are banished from Woldumar after a lawsuit declares them too scary for the premises. As a result, Joe, Jixx, Jarl, and Mo must find their way home and brave a variety of unknown and intense locales, all while accidentally stumbling upon and awakening an ancient demon.


- meeting a group of fellow Hooga Hoogas but them turning out to be cannibals

- Triopolis breakthrough w/ capturing and stumbling upon the lost city

- dream port (Slumbarine Bay), Somnus invasion 

- Mo/Tibblum building the flying machine but getting possessed by Somnus

- 9th Boss's home with the Poisogons, the Final Boss giving the three a ride 

- Tungsten Wolf actually being Threeee people! (Tung, Stan, and Wolf) and gentrifying Woldumar

- Hooga Hooga Island becoming Somnus's hideout when they return / campers turning into dream zombies


  • Joe - A strong, masculine, yet insecure Hooga Hooga.
  • Jixx - Joe's snarky girlfriend, who can pack a punch.
  • Jarl - A wimpy, awkward dork of a Hooga Hooga.
  • Mo - A peppy Hooga Hooga who's left at home and has to fend for himself.
  • Tibblum - A baby Hoogie who Mo is tasked with babysitting.
  • Somnus - An ancient dream-invading demon the Hooga Hoogas accidentally awaken.
  • Wolf Tungsten - A businessman who attempts to gentrify Woldumar and kicks out the Hooga Hoogas.
  • Triapodante - The vainglorious dictator of Triopolis.